About The

Ohio Tactical Medicine Association

The OTMA was founded to address the needs of the numerous personnel involved in tactical medicine throughout Ohio and the surrounding areas. These include EMS personnel providing medical support to the tactical teams of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, military special forces medics, private and community college-based training organizations, and businesses that manufacture and market the medical and tactical gear that are essential to the endeavor.

Many, if not most, providers of tactical medicine operate in a relative vacuum consisting of their own agency and tactical team and have little contact with other providers of this unique form of medicine. While each tactical team and medical support program is unique, there are common challenges that arise. These are not new, and likely have already been addressed in a number of ways by other teams. Unique or innovative solutions that work well should be shared. Further, all tactical medical providers (from the first aid level tactical operator to experienced paramedics to physicians) must constantly work to hone both their medical and tactical skills. Specialized tactical medical training is difficult to find, is often expensive and time consuming, and frequently involves travel out of state. Lastly tactical medicine is a specialized field, to which standard EMS protocols, rules, and laws do not readily apply. Administrative and legislative solutions that allow for specialized care protocols, medical oversight by knowledgeable tactical physicians, and laws that provide protection against litigation require action at the state level.

What will the OTMA do:

  • The OTMA will provide a means of communication and support for the advancement of tactical medicine in Ohio and the surrounding region. Through this organization, the many providers and supporters of tactical medicine will find a means of not "reinventing the wheel" when they face organizational and operational challenges.

    • Members will be able to communicate and disseminate information through the web site.
    • A secure area to share protocols, MOUs, equipment lists, educational PowerPoints and other sensitive documents with other members.
    • Specialized resources will be made available to members, such as templates for team health databases, medical support logs / records, clandestine drug lab medical reference cards, and other items.

  • The OTMA will coordinate and provide high quality continuing education and training by experts in tactical medicine and tactical operations at the lowest possible cost, in locations that are accessible to all members.
  • The OTMA will provide a unified voice and approach to address administrative and legislative issues at the state level, including coordinating with the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS), the Ohio American College of Emergency Physicians (OACEP), and the Ohio Legislature.

Membership:  Membership in the OTMA is open to all personnel involved in the provision, development, and support of tactical medicine. This includes medical providers (at any level), tactical operators, military personnel, EMS and law enforcement supervisors / administrators, and others involved in the development and support of tactical medicine.

Join the OTMA.

Where will OTMA go from here?  The OTMA has been founded by physicians and EMS providers who are strong supporters of tactical medicine and who serve as field providers as well as supervisors / medical directors of care and instructors at tactical medical / tactical combat casualty care (TCCC) training courses. Other members are needed to coordinate this web site, newsletters, meetings, training events, and membership. If you are interested in these areas, contact us today!